Skyler is a flight assistant who came to change the way you travel. Through an extensive system of searches and partnerships, we find flight tickets with the best prices, either through the miles system or on the airlines websites.

You contact us and our team provides humanized and personalized support considering your budget. As an example: you need to travel to the Maldives at the beginning of October. Our team will search for the best and most affordable flight options to the destination and date. The same person who you contacted at first will continue with you until the end of your purchase process within Skyler.

We have our own miles bank, which allows us to Always have better prices compared to the ones practiced by Other companies if the ticket you want is available for the date of your trip, you will always pay less than the amount advertised on the internet.

The purchase can be paid in cash via bank transaction or by credit card.

Yes, we are! When you confirm the purchase of your tickets with us, you pay only after we confirm the ticketing for you, after that we will send you the payment link. At the end of the process, we provide the invoice as proof of the purchase. The process is very simple, fast and transparent.

No. We also have partner agencies and directly with Airlines ticketing. At Skyler, customers never miss a great offer, according to their needs.

We do not take care of the bureaucratic procedures or with the passport application. We also do not review documentation. The traveller is the responsible for that.

This is an important function of your trip, and that’s why we recommend specialist partners, who can answer your questions and provide a further support.


In case you need to cancel the ticket, you don’t have to pay anything else than the fees that are already charged by the airlines. No more wasting hours on the phone talking to companies.

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