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Skyler is a travel startup. Our purpose is to share with you the pleasure of traveling.

We work at all stages of travel planning: from booking and purchasing airline tickets to customer support at your final destination.

And by walking side by side with our customers, we learn that every ride, every landing and take-off matters. Because in the end, the stories experienced in travel are the biggest baggage that people bring from the places where they go.

Thus, we believe that travel positively transforms all of us, as it makes people happy.

That’s why, we’ve become experts in creating premium, unique and bespoke travel experiences.

Therefore, we want to show you: the best of each region, the most beautiful nature, the most hospitable hotels, the most fascinating cultures and the flavors of this world through remarkable travel itineraries.

And for you to make the most of each destination, we have an experienced and qualified team, focused on personalized service, to design an amazing trip with you.

In this way, we make it easy for you to access these unique moments through the Skyler Travel Experience so that your entire journey is seamless.

Passagens Aéreas executivas

Travel with Skyler.
Fly more!

Our differences

The Skyler Way of Traveling was created for you to make the most of each destination through surprising and memorable itineraries.

Passagens aéreas com rotas Inteligente

Smart routes with minimal stopovers and connections

Passagens aéreas até 50% OFF

Up to 50% discount on international tickets

Viagem aérea com suporte de especialistas

Service provided by tourism experts

Suporte para remarcação ou cancelamento de voos

Support for flight cancellation or rescheduling

Our Team

The Skyler team brings together different expertise that complement each other to offer you a premium, complete and unforgettable experience.

Experience in creatingpremium travelitineraries

Creativity to find routes and solve unforeseen events

Operating in the luxury market

We are experts in experience tourism