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Skyler is an innovative travel startup.

Our tailored travel service was created through the empactic methodology from a 360 view of our customers corporate travel needs.

Thus, we offer four pillars for optimize your travels: customer service, cost reduction, administrative control of displacements and stays and a clear view of data.

Therefore, we take care of your employees on the ground or in the air, providing all the necessary support for unforeseen and special needs for your business trip to be perfect and achieve the goals set.

Enjoy the trip and make business.

Enjoy the trip and make business.

Power up the performance of your business travel ​

Growth your efficiency

Skyler helps your company increase corporate travel efficiency with periodic management reports, personalized service and cost savings

Booking hotels, accommodations and flights

You can easily and quickly request your team's travel needs from our consultants by email, phone or WhatsApp

Car, plane and helicopter rental

Our commercial agreements facilitate the rental of cars, buses, vans, SUVs, helicopters and planes.

ROI-focused travel solutions
for your business

All the advantages your company has when signing a contract with Skyler


Support 7 days a week

Our travel consultants are ready to serve your team 7 days a week to provide the best travel experience, as well as we have the expertise to solve critical and unforeseen cases.


Our planning thinks of everything for your employees to travel with tranquility, safety and comfort. Thus, they arrive at the final destination able to do a good job.


We have powerful commercial agreements with major tour operators and consolidators, so we are able to offer the best prices on hotels, flights and cars rentals for your company.

Benefit One


Skyler has experts in strategic corporate travel management to develop displacements and accommodation solutions for your team.

Expand your business vision

Benefit Two


With our financial solution, your team travels and you don’t have to pay the expenses before the trip.

Travel and pay later

Benefit Three

We have tickets with miles so your trip fits your budget.​


We have tickets with miles so your trip fits your budget.

Discount tickets

Benefit Four


You will have a travel consultant ready to meet your company’s demands.

Vip service

Benefit Five


Get a clear view of travel and expenses in smart reports

Panoramic view of travels

Our Team

Skyler has an experienced and qualified team, trained to offer a great service. We always finds the best solutions for your company to travel better and with low costs, thanks to an intelligent management system.

With mapping of the trips carried out, we prepare management reports for you to have a more effective monitoring of the expenses by your team.

You travel more and better, and with our partnership, your employees are free to focus on what your company does best.


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